Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Wedding... Over finally!

Well I can't believe the wedding went off without a hitch; well only one large scrape down the back of my leg and a dose of exhaustion!

It was beautiful but in a relaxed way...  Well relaxing for me; by the look on my brother's face he had some nerves eating him alive whilst standing up at the alter (which was the grass up the back overlooking the water)....

I only had a few tears, unlike my sister who complete with howling at one point during the ceremony, caused the place to burst out laughing.

I can't believe so much money, and so much organisation went into it...  I'd rather have the money and go off on holiday; especially since my brother has done this several times before!   Still, I have to admire his choices.  He is obviously in love and it showed...

Amusing was my nieces speech... which finished with "I was beginning to wonder who would wipe his ass when he got old!" which cracked everyone up!

I'll put some pics up if I think of it tonight!

My sister July, brother and groom Chris and I!

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