Thursday, November 23, 2017

Life... The same...

Is it just me?  Every day seems to run into the next without anything good happening...  I've had my share of bad luck ever since I was a little kid; but now it seems as though this is just the way it is and will be until the end.  I guess I have to suck it up...  Sheez; this sure as hell 'aint what I was expecting in life.

It is fast approaching Christmas so I won't really be job hunting until next year.  It will be great to take a mini break as it sucks the life right out of you.  God knows how I'd cope if I was desperate...  In this interveiw I had the other week, I got feedback from someone I knew who went and asked them.  They said I seemed "hard". 

WTF?  I cry at a puppy limping!  I ran out and rescued a bird the other day that was lying on the ground stunned!  Sharpie, my dog, I have to bring inside for cuddles!  Hard..?  But it is feedback... And I'll be aware of coming off as such next time!

Mind you, the Hunchback that I used to go out with was amazed... He thought I was a hard arsed bitch; then we went out together and he would laugh because I cry at movies!  So I was misleading as a hard face... In effect; what that means is that I'm coming back!  Ok... That's good.

But... Sigh... I can't help wondering what if I die before I really get a life?

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