Tuesday, November 14, 2017

WTF? Too old..?

Ok.  I'm in job hunting mode which is to say I'm not frantic, but I am beginning to worry.  I have 2 years left of wage insurance but I don't want to be on it. I want a normal life!  I want to go to work and have friends there; change the world!  I suspect I'm being overlooked because of my age... I don't get it.

I went to my wellness guy last night.  He is employed by some company that helps the intellectually disabled (lol) to do their thing, complete their NDIA reports and such.  So it is time to go and reapply for funding...  Sigh!

Last year I did it too, filling out the form meticulously.  They state quite plainly at the top to put what it is you want to achieve.  I put "I want to improve my speech and memory issues". 
That's it.  Blunt.  To the point.

And in their infinite wisdom, they gave me a gardener and a housekeeper?  WTF..?

So I went back to them, twice, and did it all again.  No go.  I'm stuck with the gardener (which I don't mind not doing the lawns) but it will be over my cold dead corpse before I get someone in to clean!!

So this time I put on the list that I want money to go to a hyperbaric chamber...  A friend text me one morning and said "Triple J; quick put it on!" and it was a neurosurgeon in the States who had repaired brain damage with the use of oxygen therapy.  Granted; it was a kid under 5 and they got to her within a week but....

I've been going to one at Confidere and Co  and makes me think in straighter lines... I think...  :)

I also put art classes and pottery! lol because that gets me back into the social aspect of life!

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