Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Melbourne Cup...

Well I never win anything on the cup, even though I back nearly every horse in triffecta's and such.  It is always won by something that the name didn't jump out at me!  I wonder if I'll win anything this time!  2,5,20,22 I went for; but it could be anything or any bloody horse on the day! 

I'm not going; actually, I could think of nothing worse in the cold rainy weather!  Instead I'm going to work and we'll watch it on the big screen!

Other than that, diet is still going well. I haven't found a costume for Around the World ball that I'm going to.  I think I'll just dress all in black with a Chanel necklace and a cigarette holder (even though I don't smoke lol) and be a Frenchy!

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