Monday, November 27, 2017

Home again...

I got home yesterday and basically went to bed.  It was exhausting; I'm not sure why since we went no where and did nothing!  About all we did was watch television!

We went to the hospital because the ex-squeeze's brother is in there; he had a heart attack.  That is their dicky gene, the heart... And it seems everyone got it!  The Ex's heart gave out before we started dating, but it seems all fixed now.  I guess the heart isn't too bad if you only have to have it done once or twice...

Then we went out for lunch in Oakleigh before coming home and throwing our shoes and bag and jumping on the couch to watch something...  I watched Outlander; I don't mind admitting I'm hooked now.  I tried to watch it last year and got half way through the second episode and thought "This is like a giant Mills and Boon!!!"  My sister told me to try again,... So I did. I'm nearly finished season 3.

But I wanted to put some pics of the Ex's house up because no one would believe me... So this is some of the inside; don't worry, the outside is just as bad!
My God...  I stress if I haven't vacuumed for a day!



  1. I cannot believe this is you, you actually stay here! Who kidnapped the real you??

    1. When I am there; I shut my eyes to the utter pig sty! Some times it smells lol; then we have to go out! Oooo but he is some else's problem!! :)


Thanks. Better check it out but it should be up today!