Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Am I Here?

Last week I was as happy as Larry.  This week, I’m struggling. 
Every so often I hit a wall at work and wonder what the hell I’m doing here.  It’s not like I can actually change anything; I have the bruises on my forehead from the number of times of banged my head on a wall in frustration.  Guess I just have to accept that it’s government and without doubt, morons are promoted more often than the rest of us; probably to promote them out of one area and make them someone else’s problem.
Then we have the Moodle syndrome… Whenever I think the nut doctor made some sort of headway into getting him to understand that the Harridan is now the ex Mrs. Harridan, he scurries back to ground zero.
Last night she called (several times) to rant and rave and order the Squeeze to jump to attention over Kid 2 and his girlfriend.  They flew in to Melbourne from Perth and the Squeeze was to pick them up.  He had asked each of them several times for flight details to no avail so it was guess work via the Tullamarine airport site on what was landing around the supposed time.  When push came to shove, I seriously doubt anyone is going to steal them off the street, but she has to do her nutcase thing I guess.  After all, why not stick with what you are good at?
But the Squeeze just doesn’t seem to be able to get it through is fat head that he no longer has to jump through hoops of fire, little Moodle curls bobbing in the wind… Harridan standing back with poisonous darts to pitch at his head as he runs…  He can actually just bark into the phone “why are you calling me about this?  I’ve organised it; if you can do better, you organise it!”
But no; he couldn’t do that.  Instead, Moodle mantle comes out of the wardrobe and a whole world of mauve velvet whips around his body.  Idiot.

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