Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas World

We are having Christmas dinner as opposed to lunch this year.  All are set to descend at 6.30pm and I don't believe there is much else I can do now until I have to put the mammoth pig leg on the webber outside; and that isn't until about 1pm.
The Squeeze and I both had additional gifts for under the tree seeing as how the concert tickets were purchased together last week; however, neither arrived in time.  I bought him a Jack Kerouac t-shirt that says “I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion” – which I sounds like him.  I think he got me a Sons of Anarchy t-shirt that I can wear with my pj’s.
Of course this year, as a first, I left it at that.  I figured the tickets to Ryan Adam’s (and the romance that goes with that) and the t-shirts that never actually arrived on the day are a pretty good score – for both of us.
Then, out of the blue, Mr Romance (said without sarcasm for once in my life) whips out a Chanel bag this morning and there it is.  My favourite perfume, Coco Chanel; wrapped so perfectly that I’m loath to open it, complete with stiff gold paper, black Chanel ribbon and then slipped into the Chanel bag.
Tonight, some of my family and some of his descend on us in an attempt to devour half a pig (only a leg in reality, but at 7.3 kilo’s I’d hate to see how big the damned thing was whole).  My daughter is having a late lunch so probably won’t eat which means we will be balancing out to just under a kilo of pork each.  Looks like I over catered again…  Oh well.
Sometimes I get to pause, and think to myself rather smugly that my life is pretty near perfect.  I’m happy.  The Squeeze is happy.  Mostly, my children are happy.  Mostly, the Squeeze’s kids are happy.  I don’t think you can ask for much more than that really.
Merry Christmas World.

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