Saturday, December 24, 2011


Never let it be said that anyone will starve at my place for dinner.   Yesterday, the Squeeze and I finished work early and went off to do our Christmas meal shopping. 
The fridge is packed tight and stacked Tetris style; so every time I take something out, I’m worried the rest will tumble.  There is champagne and beer; vegies, desserts, cream and a 7.3 kilo leg of pork.
Hmmm that could be a tad excessive, especially given that there are only nine or ten of us, but it will look bloody good!  Last year, I did the pork using a Jamie Oliver recipe.  You remove the crackling and pour lemon/lime marmalade over it, then sprinkle it with red/green chilli, coriander and lemon and lime wedges.   It looked good enough to elicit a gasp from people when I bought it out last year and it tasted better than it looked.
So I’m doing the same thing this year and given that this time I am cooking dinner as opposed to lunch; I’d better stay away from the champagne until well into the afternoon!

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