Friday, December 9, 2011

Laziest Person on the Planet

It’s now official.  I am living with the laziest man on the planet; possibly the universe.  Trust me; I know… I’ve got ex-husbands.  Lazy one too.  But they were nothing like this.  I can now see why “clean freak hell” was clean freaking hell.  And it wasn't just the kids.
The Squeeze literally drops things where he is standing.  Just decides “don’t need this now” and drops it.   It is astounding!  Today we had stuff all over the table; my desk looks like hades; pair of boots haphazardly tossed in the spare bedroom.  Boots and socks in the lounge.  Newspapers; books; dvd’s; stuff… more stuff… and more!  It’s everywhere!  And I’m exhausted!  If he keeps it up, he will be living in the fricking garage.  He can knock himself out making a mess out there.
Aside from my issues with his sloppiness, the week has been a non-event.  I’ve been too busy at work to breath, let alone blog… I haven't even had time to think of what to blog about.  When I get home it’s to try to do work and keep the Squeeze focused – a difficult task on any day. 
Last night we came home and had dinner (vegetable juice – oh the joy… I’m fast getting over detox) and then we went walking.  We get in the door and I have to head him off at the pass as he is running for the television.  Instead, I suggest he spend the 15 minutes required to finish his tax.  Three times I got up from my work and went to the study door, only to find him surfing You Tube!  I’m still not sure if he actually completed it.
We were to have kid 3 on Wednesday but that didn’t eventuate due to the 'broken' toe that of course, wasn't a broken toe - even after the third doctor saw it.  Weird, she usually finds one to back her up.  Still, this is fine by me.  If she wants to give up going out every time the kid gets a runny nose, that’s her choice.  I can even handle the inference that we are morons that couldn’t be trusted to look after a toe.
Then the Squeeze informs me that we are on again this weekend.  WTF??  This is a repeated two fold hell.  1.  I like the kid, but hey; I was smart enough to have mine and stop when I was an old fart (something this pair of morons would have benefited from).  In other words, I like my kid free life and don’t want every weekend consumed with kidly stuff.  Hell, if she ever decides it’s time for the kid to live with Dad, well I’ll be helping him pack and house hunt.
2.  This kid is nearly fifteen.  He has no friends and spends at least every second weekend with us.  There are no calls or texts.  No sleep overs.  Nothing.  I find this odd and have no idea how, but think it needs to be addressed.  That isn't even thinking about the fact that he is totally consumed with technology from the minute he gets in the door.
Besides, the toe is infected again and I won’t be able to refrain from mentioning the fact that it is now well over one year and this stupid ingrown toe could have been fixed after one week and a course of antibiotics; and maybe a dose of hygiene.

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