Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I’m Nearly Finished My Book

When I got home last night, I had a whole list of things I wanted to get done.  Go and get a Christmas tree; decorate it.  Finish unpacking, which meant I’d have a pile of holiday washing and folding. Get dinner, pausing to remember that we have spent four days away doing nothing except eating and drinking.  In short, we are regular rolly pollies.
What did we get done?  Well we did manage to get the Christmas tree although it sits unadorned in the lounge room.  I did most of the unpacking and putting away although there is still half a suitcase to be sorted.  I did two loads of washing, but that will have to come in tonight and be ironed.
I got momentarily sidetracked as my brother sent me a photo of the Squeeze carrying a handbag he had taken on the weekend with the subject line of “he he”.  At least the Squeeze took all the ribbing he received in good spirits which meant the family liked him; but it still meant I had to find a retaliation pic – and there were millions to choose from. 
Hell, problem then was that I spent about 2 hours going through photos, cropping and fixing prior to uploading them on Facebook so that the family could have a laugh.  And there were funny/hideous ones of us all.
Before I knew it I looked up and it was eleven and the Squeeze was turning out lights and heading for bed.  I hadn’t even managed my second shower for the day!  Walking into the bedroom I paused to ask “are we having sex tonight?”  If so, that would mean I’d take the time to run with shower number two.  Instead, he looks at me and says “no way; I’m nearly finished my book!”
I think he has forgotten what it was like when he was on rations!

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