Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sticking Up for Yourself!

When I was young, I’d rather have been eaten alive than complain to anyone about anything.  Not so as I get older – in fact now I’m wondering if I’m turning into a crotchety old woman.  Nah.

So I email the store to complain about the treatment I received and explain the treatment I received and mention that I felt they had ruined an otherwise perfect transaction.  After all, my dealings with the store were fantastic (thank you JB HI FI) but that there were people out there that would have the experience soured so badly, that they would be guilty by association.
To my surprise, I get a call from JB the next morning and they were great; they called to speak to Nati*nal PC Solutions who I have no doubt, lied their heads off (strangely enough, he spoke to the manager who I was told, was having “personal issues” and wouldn’t be in for the week…) and although I suspected they wouldn’t post my laptop until Friday, thus making me miss another weekend, he assured me that it was posted.

Last night I rush to the post office.  Not there.  Well I knew damned well the cow wouldn’t send it the day I spoke to her… maybe Thursday.  Tonight, I rush to the post office – not there.
So I came home and emailed JB again.  The petty, ridiculous behaviour…  The rudeness and carry on over $15 – became apparent.  If he had been attempting to pacify me but believing them, his annoyance that they had deliberately not sent the laptop gave him a pretty good indication of exactly what I was dealing with.

And so they will get another call in the morning.  I wonder if that $15 was worth the business..?
As for the Squeeze – things are cruising.  The Harridan is silent; in her creepy, “don’t talk about anything to your father” kind of way – which he met up with Kid 1 & 2 yesterday and told that from here on in, covering up or lying for her was out.  Hell, they already know she is a nutjob.

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