Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Today is all about packing for Adelaide and our river boat thing with my family.  In fact I’ve been organising for 3 days now, sorting into piles and checking off lists.  He would be happy to grab a shopping bag tomorrow morning and throw a couple of t-shirts and some boxers in there.
I’ve got to hand it to the Squeeze though.  A non-drinker embarking on a trip with my family; we are people who would be fine having champagne with our breakfast; and have done plenty of times in the past.  And then we would take it all the way through to putting down the river in the top deck hot tub singing like drunken cats.
Firstly, it will be nice to get away.  Secondly, it will be nice to be kid free.  His kids are off to Perth with the Harridan, so we are free there for a while.  I won’t see mine until Christmas day.  Sigh.  That is just a sigh of relief…
Last night, he mentioned that the kid gave him a list of what he would like for Christmas.  Included on this was a WII.  Yeah, just what that kid needs.  More technology!
Meanwhile, my juice diet has left me 3 kilo lighter; and now I’m going on the floating fat farm.  We all cook; we all cook well.  I’m probably going to die of obesity.  Just my Greek breakfast, which has me here downloading music for it, would kill a small farm animal with the cholesterol.
I’ll be blog free until I return…

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