Sunday, December 11, 2011


This morning the Squeeze rolls over to inform me that we have Kid 3 tonight.  This is done after sex of course.  For a fleeting moment, I figure I can deal with another night of non-stop television and belligerence since he will be dropping him off at school while I sleep in on the first day of my holiday; I was quickly dissuaded of that idea.
School is out.  Go figure.  I miss those things now that my children are adults.  Apparently the Kid has a sax lesson tomorrow and it’s over this way.   Now we all know that the Harridan wouldn’t drag her arse out to the car to drive the kid over for the lesson; even if she did organise it.  Far easier to put everyone else out; organise for him to stay here and then summon Kid 1 to pick him up and take him to his lesson at 11am.
Ummm.  Over my dead body!  Not on my damned holiday time.  I can only do so much.  Hell, tomorrow is my time and I have a heap of things planned like waxing and stuff!  It’s not like I don’t get it.  I do.  I love my kids too and would kill or die for them without thought (well maybe a moment’s thought.)  But that didn’t stop me demanding a little respect for both myself and when it all comes down to it - them.
I mean how hard it is to teach them the basic things in life like manners…  Hygiene…  Looking after someone else’s property?   It is quite obvious that he is not taught any of those things in velvet land and the Squeeze is struggling as he acclimatizes to my way of living.  This morning I heard him say “pick that up and take it out before you get killed!” – But who the hell lies in bed watching television eating an apple and then tosses the apple core on the floor?  Really?  Who the hell does that?
And in reality, he is a nice kid, he just hasn’t been shown the correct way to act.  I swear.  Hell yeah.  My children do – but they are adults.  Hearing a fourteen your old tell his father to F off when he yells “what’s wrong?” because the kid has a cramp and is shouting his head off just doesn’t sound right.  Guess they missed that whole soap; mouth; wash act.
You combine that with the demands; the thought that he controls what we watch; just says “no” if asked to do something and the pièce de résistance – mummy calling up friends to make a play date for him, then it is no wonder that the whole weekend, his mobile has sat silent.
On the up side, my daughter who has newly moved in with her boyfriend who I didn’t approve of but had to suck it up; didn’t last a month there.  They had a wrestle around the lounge and he is in the process of moving out.  I didn’t breed any shrinking violets at least and he is the one that walked away with a broken thumb.  Still; when violence enters a relationship, it is done and dusted – because it’s all downhill from there.
Personally, I think he needs to meet someone who isn’t cowered by him.  Me and my Louisville slugger.

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