Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Good Old Days

I am longing for the good old days when I actually had a spare second to myself over the course of a day.
Work was kind of easy; I could organise things and shoot of communique and still have time to go for coffee and read the paper.  Not lately.  Now I’m running around like a headless chook… Going in early for meetings – early!  And I’m shaking my head and wondering how it all changed so quickly!
Home time is made up of more work because I’m trying to get a business up with a friend of mine; but dotted in and around this, is bouts of housework and television.  Both of these things have greatly affected my ability to blog; which I find is kind of like losing a part of myself.
Television has become the bane of my life.  Once upon a time, before the Squeeze moved in and my life went to hell in a hand basket; I didn’t watch much television.  Now, it’s on from the minute I walk in the door (he beats me home.)  Enough I say!  Last night the Squeeze went off to the spare room to watch with headphones on while I worked.
Tonight, he is off to dinner with Kid 2.  Kid 3 was on the list to be babysat tonight but injured his toe at cricket the other day.  As the world would know by now, the Squeeze and I are incapable of looking after a kid with a sore toe (strange that mine are all still alive…), however, this meant that the Harridan had to cancel her night out and stay at home to play martyr (which I suspect is far more satisfying for her).
I will work.
I suspect the “kid out for dinner” is in regards to the fact that we have watched television and basically eaten ourselves to death.  While moving stuff around or just plain working, some of the cooking has fallen to him and it is always calorie laden pasta dishes that are yummy but make you have to rock backwards and forwards a little to get off your chair.  So I have activated drastic measures of being on a juice diet.  A guy I work with sent me the link to “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” or something similar and I figured yes, that’s what my system needs – a re boot.  I’m at day 1 and feel okay but can see that by day three, I’ll be sick to death of it.  Anyhow, worth a shot!
So the Squeeze will be off to the nut doctor learning how to “say no” and I’ll be off walking.  Then he’ll be off having pasta for dinner while I have vegetable juice.  Then I’ll work, he’ll come home and watch television.
Then we’ll go to bed and I’ll get to feel a tiny bit superior…  I like it!

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