Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Christmas Tree

Well finally; the damned tree is up and decorated.   Although I’ll admit that I love the smell of it when I walk into the house; the pine needles that float everywhere leave a lot to be desired.  I have had the vacuum cleaner out three times already; not that it does any good.
Worst part about the tree is that it doesn’t look like a Christmas tree should look.  There aren’t dozens of brightly wrapped presents… glittering in the fairy lights; bows spilling curls to the floor.  Trouble with older kids is that they usually just money; and so the gifts under the tree diminish with the little people under foot.   Sensible if you think on it, because they get the money early, then I can’t bear the thought that they get nothing Christmas day, so they get a gift anyhow.
At least I will see all of my children over the Christmas period.  My oldest and his girl are having dinner with us in the city on Christmas Eve and then we are going to look at the Myer Christmas windows.  My daughter and her partner, and my youngest son and his partner are coming to Christmas dinner on Sunday night.  We will also have the Squeeze’s mother and also, his nephew and his adopted mother.  One could say it is an eclectic mix at the dinner table.
The Squeeze’s kids are in Perth with the Harridan so there are no presents under the tree for them either.  It’s all a bit barren really.
As for us..?  Well we decided to buy each other a ticket to see Ryan Adams when he is in Melbourne during March.  The Squeeze, in one of his romantic moments (and believe me, they are rare) once sent me a song of his.
It was for my birthday one year.  We had broken up and the song arrived out of the blue…  And I loved it.
and I love this one:  Wonder Wall

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