Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Rodents

I wondered briefly this morning if one of the wishes I’d muttered at the Squeeze over the last two years had come true.  Maybe he really had, turned into some long nosed, hairy rodent.

I had the day off, which is always pleasant on a Friday, especially given that it is an absolutely perfect day.  Not even an email from the boy and me jumping through Western Union hoops could dampen it!

So I am sitting at the computer, doing banking and I hear a weird scratch and squeal that was like finger nails down a blackboard.  And there, at the door, looking in – is a ferret.   WTF?  Where did it come from, and why is the damned thing standing on hind legs and looking at me pleadingly!

I was too scared to open the door in case it blasted past me and was forever lost in the house.   Eventually, it ran off the porch and out into the yard.

I called the Squeeze.  He answered so it wasn’t him. 
There’s a pity.

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