Monday, September 5, 2011

No Stopping Freedom

It is obvious that although the Harridan doesn’t even like the Squeeze; she remains damned reluctant to let go.  She is living up to the “hunchback” for all she is worth because no amount of shaking his foot is knocking the shit from his shoe.
Today he received papers from the lawyer to inform him that she had chosen not to sign and send back confirmation she had received the divorce.  Uncertain of how it all works, but I figure if you send it registered mail and she produces identification to pick it up, then that seems like proof she received them to me…  But obviously not.

So then they moved on to having her served.  Once again, she refused to acknowledge receipt.
Now it appears we move to statutory declarations.  These will be gathered and submitted to the court stating that yes, she has received them.

I have to say, I can’t ever see myself hating anyone so much that I would choose to make myself look so pathetic, clinging on to someone who is living with, has a life with and is in love with someone else.

Uncertain what she hopes to achieve because the divorce is happening.  Personally, I’d have pushed for it long before I reached my mid 50s…

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