Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Makes for a Good Weekend?

Our weekend started in style with a sleep in, followed by the Squeeze cooking us the perfect Saturday breakfast.  It was an incredibly sunny spring day in Melbourne so we sat outside in the courtyard sipping our coffee and juice reading the morning papers; reading aloud the amusing bits.

This was followed by Kid 2 of mine arriving in her blue and white and the two of us catching a train to the G for a preliminary final.  We met Kid 1 at the game and only paused long enough to purchase our beer and pies (traditional football carte du jour) before finding our seats.  

All in all, it was a perfect finals day.  Sun shining, voices croaking, Cats winning.  Happy faces all around (at least for anyone who was wearing the blue and white).  We caught the train back home and Kid 2’s Squeeze arrived to pick her up where upon we all surmised what would happen next weekend.

If you have been reading my blog on a regular basis, you’ll know that the Squeeze and I have been to the football twice with my daughter and her partner.  He and the Squeeze both barrack for Collingwood (although have their own teeth).  My daughter and I are Geelong fans through and through.  It can get “touchy”, but less so I figure since Geelong have beaten them both times.  I freely admit, I’d not take it as well as he.

And now we meet in a grand final.

There is going to be one unhappy person in each household come next weekend…  (Hopefully it isn’t the daughter and I)

After the football, the Squeeze and I went out for dinner and then watched a movie before slinking off to bed at an obscenely early time.  Today, we are off to see a band in some obscure and potential bikie haven country pub.

Tonight, we have all of my kids up for a bbq followed by us all wagging tomorrow to go watch Kid 3 use his 21st present and do laps in a V8 Race Car around Sandown.  More entertaining for me, will be watching the driver take over and take him whizzing around the course, mock II with his hair on fire…

News/drama from the Harridan?  Nil.

As I said, all in all a perfect weekend.

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