Monday, September 19, 2011

Tongue Taming – Get Back!

The ‘get back’ is because ‘tongue tamer’ somehow has the feel of a lion tamer to it.   I need a whip and chair to hold the words at bay.  Jokes aside, I’ve been pretty good this weekend; the tongue has been firmly in check, although he probably hasn’t noticed!

I will admit that opportunity to make comment diminishes with the kid here, plus I’ve had a headache going for 3 damned days and it is hard work, if not impossible to think of a sarcastic quip when I’m knee deep in codeine…  Snap, its hard work getting up the energy to wash my hair at the moment, let alone have a pointless argument/debate with the Moodle.

Kid 3 on my side, is up for trade school this week so he has even more of a reprieve.  If at all possible, I’d rather save arguing until we are on our own.  Obviously my bad parenting skills by not helping him break the law, haven’t gone so far as to force him to find a rental for school week… He is very good at saving; his siblings call him “squeaker” so I don’t doubt I’d have to kill his whole family and then he’d still be weighing up the odds if his dog would live…

So my codeine muddled brain has not been up to concentrating on how unjust the whole divorce has been, and in the end, he is the fool that has to pay these things.  And I’m not sure what he hopes to gain by not standing up for himself.  I’m pretty sure she isn’t going to wake up tomorrow and think “gee… he is a nice guy!”

As payment for being a fool and a moodle over not forcing the divorce down her miserable throat – ie:  sign or I’m taking it out of your maintenance…  

He has copped a $1518.55 bill from the lawyer.
It would have cost $600 if she would have signed his application;
And $60 if she applied.

Then we had the tent which will cost another $600+ to replace since she has stolen his.  Initially I suggested we pay half each and get it for Christmas, but now I say stuff that; man up or you will be paying.

If it were me, I would say: “I have the receipt, purchased after our separation.  Give it back by the end of the week or I’m reporting it stolen”.  

He will send the odd ineffectual message to say “it’s mine”; which let’s face it, is basically akin to “I’m dobbing!!!!!  Muuuuum!!!!”

A threat of theft is much more to the point and getting attention, and in the end, that is exactly what she has done.  And if it doesn’t come back, then he will have to buy another tent – or not…

Let’s face it, I’m much more of a hotel/high heels kind of girl anyhow!

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