Saturday, September 10, 2011

Football – The Great Divider

Ha!  Last week at the football, we had a great time.  I fully admit that he handles loss better than I.  If my team had of been whipped, I’d have stormed about the place a bit and been an obnoxiously sore loser.  He would have paid for it. And let’s face it, we wiped the floor with Collingwood and he went down one point in his footy tips.

Last night, his other favourite team, Hawthorn, and the team his sons barrack for, played us in the first final.  They did invite us over to “clean freak hell” (I’m still not sure they actually invited me however, the Squeeze pointed out that I was only there to be tortured when we lost.)  But it was freezing cold and pouring with rain so we decided to stay at home and watch it in the clean, on a big screen with fresh air (as opposed to knocking stuff out of the way, choking on the cigarette smoke and watching it on a match box).

Things don’t always turn out as they seem and after we wiped the floor with them, Geelong are looking pretty.  The only sour part of the evening was the stupid hand recognition software the Squeeze has loaded onto his smart phone, meant I could only send the text ‘HA’ to kid 2!
Now, its shop and clean up time for a party tomorrow for the girl on my side.

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