Friday, September 30, 2011

Love Conquers Debt… Oh, wait! No it doesn’t.

You should probably have gleaned from my many scathing comments that the Harridan’s place (the house that we are not supposed to know that they moved to…) is a barren wasteland when it comes to technology.  This is partly due to the velvet wearing nonsense that it is evil (like penicillin) and you’ll drop dead of cancer if you use your mobile for more than five minutes in an emergency; and partly due to her ignorance in anything that isn’t ‘airy fairy, arty farty’.
We have had many discussions in the past re purchasing the kid a prepaid phone.  I was pushing this in an attempt to evade the Harridan’s need to control the world.  This would allow him to contact the kid without being at the mercy of her moods.  Silence is one of her petty punishments, symbolized by her refusal to answer or reply for days on end, like a mulish ten year old throwing a tantrum.
The Squeeze would agree with my reasoning but of course, nothing came of it.  We wouldn’t want to upset the Harridan, after all!  And if we purchased him a phone, well hell, that would remove her ‘control’.  And her anger is something he is too scared to face.
So imagine my surprise when the kid walks in last night with an iPhone.
The utter stupidity of this move is beyond astounding to me and I was still shaking my head about it this morning.
Why?  Well, this is a kid whom twice so far, I’ve found his nano on the floor or stuffed under something; a nano that was a replacement for the last nano he had, lost last year I will pause to point out.
So let us start there…  ‘Reason number one why this move is beyond brainless.’  He will in all likelihood, lose it.  In fact I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it will be gone by Christmas.
Ok, so assuming we get over the fact that some people are stupid enough to buy their 14 yo kid a phone worth about 1k, (even though they are more than likely to lose it) and we move on to ‘Reason number two why this move is beyond stupid.’  
This thing is worth a couple of good hits to any respectable drug addict.  This is a 14 year old kid and what 14 year old kid doesn’t want to look cool?  I can see it now!  ‘Look at me; look at me!  I don’t play table tennis!  I’m not on the debating team!  I’m groovy!  I have an iPhone!’ – which in turn means using it in full visibility of the predictable drug addict found in triplicate at any train station worth its salt.
So assuming he isn’t kid-ly lose it, nor is he beaten up and/or stabbed and his phone stolen by a drug addict.  We must still move on to ‘Reason number three why this move is beyond ridiculous.’   Even for her. 
The phone was purchased under a plan, payable by her. 
Ummm yes folks.  That’s right.  I love my kids madly, but there isn’t a hope in hell I’m stitching myself up for that.  Because we all know that it can take a day for the kid to have racked up a 2k bill above her ‘plan’.  And that hasn’t even accounted for his friends or the thieving drug addict that stole it contributing to the calls.  This is probable even, given that the plan that she has chosen is laughable!  Not to mention the fact that the iPhone 5 is supposed to be out in two weeks, and she’s just purchased a dinosaur in the land of technology – and a dinosaur that was not as good as its predecessor, the iPhone 3.
Even more astonishing, and please remember that this is a 14 yo kid with a propensity to lose stuff driving this iPhone; yet she walked out of the shop without purchasing insurance.  The guy selling it must have rubbed his hands in glee and high fived the other salesman that he had scored “moron of the month”!
This should be funny and in some ways, I have had a smirk or two over it.  The Squeeze can access the kid and she is in for a financial nightmare; however I didn’t miss the fact that the kid mentioned to the Squeeze that “he could pay some towards it each month” (yes, I’m sure he just came up with that idea on his own…) – which I couldn’t help but quip in with “he does petal; it’s called maintenance…”
Then we have the Squeeze online checking out plans and phone types and with a quick chest puff, stating he was off to the store today to get the plan changed and whine about the sale of a 4 when a 5 is around the corner.
I mentioned this morning that he is not the person with her name on the bill so in all probability, they wouldn’t discuss it with him.  He replied that he would threaten to take his business elsewhere. I’m sure they would tremble in fear at the thought that they would lose his 60 bucks a month!  Or maybe they would act like a salesperson at GASP and tell him to take his fat arse off to Virgin, because they are a “forward fashion” phone place…  Although that may be too complex for him to deal with…
But more than the plan that is not our problem; the possible loss where the plan must still be paid – that is not our problem; is the fact that taking ownership of it; means he will end up responsible for it.
She can float down the aisle of stupidity anytime she feels like it.  Do it as often as possible because I can always do with the laugh!  He however, I object to turning on the stupidity.  I won’t have us responsible for her foolishness and at the end of the day, this person just caused him a $1500 divorce debt with her spite – so why the hell does he even care what she has stitched herself up for..?
News Flash Moodle:  you are divorced.  She is not your responsibility.
Please Step Away from the Wife


  1. TakeapictureofSamJuly 29, 2012 at 3:42 AM

    Oh Hell No! Been there and done that. XW never provided Healthcare for either kids per the C/O (For 7 years) Withheld my oldest SD at 15 and decided at 18 yrs old she would start using the Emergency Room as a Doctor's Office. 5 years later She threw her out because she is moving to a smaller place and the kid is saddled with Cat scan and ER bills. Testing her Mom demanded be done. We won't pay it but we helped guide her to the charity care office. Needless to say the kid has put all the pieces together but it looks like his Ex and Your ex lived in the same house.

    1. And what an ugly house it is!!!! :-)


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