Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exciting Pair of Slippers

Yes.  That was what the idiot I’m living with decided would be the best line to give me after reading yesterday’s blog.  “I don’t see anything wrong with that analogy!”  Then finished it up with “you could be an exciting slipper…”  which immediately had me picturing those old fashioned pump slippers with a feather on the toe; gauzy night gown over the top; hair very 1940’s style.  Hmm not as bad as I was first picturing I guess.
Of course he destroyed that picture immediately by saying “like a Grosby.”  WTF?  A Grosby is a mouldy old man’s tartan slipper!
And maybe one of my personalities is a comfortable old slipper, but I’m a Gemini through and through – right down to the twin personalities.  There is me, and every so often (and I get to see more of her lately) we have the arrival of ‘Lydia – the Cold Hearted Bitch’.  
Someone I dated a long time ago explained to me over dinner that he seen the exact moment that Lydia had arrived at the table.  Mind you, he was a sleaze bag and in all probability is a runner up for the crown of ‘biggest bastard I ever dated’.   My sister once emailed him and began the tirade with “I’m appealing to you as a human to a toad…”  And that was only the beginning.  So I’m pretty certain he saw Lydia more than anyone else on the planet.  So as far as things go, maybe I should like the ‘comfortable yet exciting old slipper’.
However, I did mention he should probably watch out that I don’t turn into a stiletto!

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