Monday, May 2, 2011

Life is Bliss

Life with the Hunchback is pretty good at the moment. 
Well it is if I don’t think about the divorce that has been talked about for the last six months, but hasn’t actually eventuated as yet.  This could be because the Harridan obviously has a learning disability and can’t figure out how to scratch her name on the bloody form and post it back to him.  In reality, he will have to redo the application and submit by himself because she sure as hell isn’t going to make anything easy.
And then I have to not think about the fact that instead of the Squeeze adopting my ‘clean freak’ habits, my house looks like a bomb hit.  There is literally crap in and on every available space.  And it just feels as though it keeps coming.  I’m sure I have washed nearly everything he owned by now!
I can live in hope that when we finally find a spot for everything then the list of “to do’s” will diminish but I have to wonder.
And at the moment I’m trying my hardest to swallow my desire to say “what the hell is this..????”  “Where did this come from???”  “Shoes off!”  “Put this away!”  And to be honest, I’m not doing so well at that.  And the poor bastard just puts up with me (probably thinking about how hard moving is again lol)
Lucky for him work sucks and girl 2 has broken up with her boyfriend and is back home and upset - so my mind is busily focussing on those things rather than the lack of divorce. 
Life; is bliss…

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