Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time For A Countdown

It seems that this weekend will not be the “you know what has to happen” conversation required by the Harridan prior to signing the divorce, after all.  Go figure.
We are going to a Christening which I felt was just a tad more important than kid 3 soccer; given that it is a once in a lifetime affair; as opposed to soccer – which occurs every weekend. 
As much as I admire his ‘dadly’ sensibilities, I have to wonder at the commitment.  I mean we are not exactly talking about the Socceroos.  Sure, put in the fatherly stuff; stand on the sidelines in the cold and clap a bunch of 14 yo hoons racing around an oval every Saturday; but in the scheme of things, I doubt the kid will remember if he skips one every so often.
To my email reply to ask ‘what about the discussion…” the Squeeze informs me that he has a plan.  The thought of his ‘plan’ does not excite me.  Then is no thrill or shiver of anticipation.  I never doubted his smarts but let’s face it; he never actually has a good plan. 
His plan, it appears, is to somehow get his car over to the other side of town; let kid 2 take it the day before and then have kid 2 drive kid 3 to the Christening to meet us.
All sound incredibly complicated to me.  After all, he does all the too-ing and fro-ing (at his expense).  I reply to say why can’t she drop him off; and how, pray tell, are you to have the “conversation” you know you have to have before she’s sign the stinking divorce papers!
Hmm.  No reply to my calmly worded email.  And it was calmly worded, but after so much time has elapsed and so many conversations/arguments over the divorce, it’s lack of movement, his testicles and his inability to disengage; well I figure he can read the frustrated shouting mind blowing freaking anger that wants to leave my mouth; yet remains firmly trapped within.
Then I start to wonder; exactly how long has this divorce been “in control”..?  So I waste a little time going back through my phone calendar because, ahh hell, my whole life is organised and synched on there.  And there it is: 25th November, 2010 during the nut doctor session.  153 Days to be exact.  We have had 153 Days of “In Control” – yet seemed to have moved no further forward.
I decided I’d create a little counter to see just how many days will pass by before the Moodle actually throws the hunch of his damned back!  And here it is…

And the Harridan remains...   But it's under control!

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