Saturday, May 7, 2011

No Papers Saturday; I’ll do it Myself

This becoming quite the mantra; and I guess a week here or there doesn’t really mean much to the squeeze but from my perspective, when the ‘divorce’ has been ‘in control’ for going on six months now…  Well I’m obviously getting just a little tired of hearing about it and never actually seeing it done.

Last week it was ‘if she doesn’t turn up with the papers, I’ll submit them myself’.  
Of course she didn’t – and he didn’t.  

Last night it was ‘if she doesn’t turn up with the papers, I’ll submit them myself’. 
Of course she didn’t, even though he had sent her several reminders to bring the paperwork.  This time when he asked, it was “we have to talk about it”.

Excuse me, but with the frick is left to talk about?  He is living with me, supposed to be my partner, in a relationship with me.  There isn’t anything to talk about.  The marriage has been over – in fact I’ve thought it was over for most of the 10+ years I’ve known him.

And sadly, the first emotion to escalate in my head is anger – because I’m sick to death of hearing about it.  Sick of him ‘being in control’ when he is anything but ‘in control’.  She is in control, as per usual.  And it is made worse because I can’t even shout at the idiot, since the kid is here and I find it hard to even look at him or have any form of conversation because if I open my mouth, everything I feel will most certainly just fall on out!

I can see I’m going to have to give an ultimatum and to be honest, I think I’m ready for that – because this means a lot to me, he knows it does – but still drags his feet.  

And I’m really starting to wonder why… 

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