Saturday, May 28, 2011

You Guessed It…

No talk about what 'he knows he had to talk' about today.  

No divorce papers either.  

This is becoming beyond ridiculous and I’m almost tempted to send her a link to the blog – just so she can see how the real world views what she is.  It annoys me that I’m annoyed.  It annoys me to hear me annoyed – but as the counter would attest to – we are now at 155 days of him being in control – and I’m totally jack of it.  She has totally decimated his finances; emasculated his manhood; and obviously won’t stop until she has ruined this for him also.

And he is going to sit and let her.  Because I can’t, and won’t, just put up with this.  Not for much longer.

The lack of organisation is driving me absolutely mad.  It’s like sitting on a damned seesaw – I am incapable of dealing with it and having said this prior to the ‘move in’; feel a seething anger at her utter selfishness and his inability to tell her to jam it sideways with a pogo stick.

I had no idea if Kid 3 was coming until about 2.30pm today.  I object to having this thrust upon me without giving me time to organise.  I object to the fact that this seems to be decided by the Squeeze and Harriden – when this is my home.

My objection becomes irritation about everything… I suspect that the time is coming where I will just say “umm no.  Sorry.  It wasn’t planned, so no.”  

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