Friday, May 6, 2011

The Meile

I’ve basically slept for three days straight.  Thank you, flu vaccination.

Not even the bits of black fluff from the Squeeze’s synthetic scarf that I washed and dried, and is now covering every freaking available surface, could get me out of bed to wield the Meile like a sword.  And I love my Meile.  The last one retired after 15 years – I saw a long hair beside the drain in the bath and made the mistake of sucking it up.  After 15 years, my vac had enough suction to slurp up a bucket of drain water before blowing up…

I hate carpet yet I have it in the bedrooms; cream carpet – now dotted with black, synthetic fluff!  It’s on beds, pillows, tables – it’s everywhere.  I nearly just took the damned thing out and shoved it in the bin; I mean no one would wear it... Surely!  It’s only about two foot long, so not actually long enough to be a scarf in any case. 

So today, feeling a little better than yesterday meant that I’m setting my alarm to get up and vacuum, do a little shopping and cook something.  Poor guy thought he was getting a housework Queen with skills in cooking – and all he has got so far is a shivering, sleeping mess with bad bed hair.

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