Monday, May 23, 2011

Groundhogs Day…

Well.  The Squeeze is off to see the Harridan on Saturday.  Was to be tonight… Maybe tomorrow night but it all just seems all too hard for the art teacher.  So it’s before, during or after the soccer on Saturday.  What if she hasn’t got an answer… the divorce papers… resolution?  Well the Squeeze will do it himself.
You are probably thinking that we heard that one last week.  And the week before.  And the one before that.  And quite probably, the week before that. 
You are right.  We did.  Do I expect it will occur?  Not a chance.
That he wants something just seems to set off the 'cha-ching' chant.  A light goes on in her head (which is good, because there isn’t a whole lot more going on up there) she has the upper hand; she can drag more out of him.  Take just a little more. 
I argue that it’s not worth the drama.  Just do it himself and have her notified because hell, she will want her pound of flesh...  His first born in exchange for a divorce; and since she already has that, she probably wants his left testicle; maybe both.  Rich, considering he doesn’t even need her consent.
As for me, my “I want her dead. I want her dog dead.  I want her house, burned to the ground…” (in true Godfather fashion) radar goes off.  I couldn't give a rats what she wants.  I’m voting for a scorched earth policy.
And getting information out of him is like pulling damned teeth.  But the gist of it is that he needs her to do it because if he does it, it's about $600 and if she does it, it is $60 because she has a healthcare card...
Ummm Pardon?  A healthcare card?  The Harridan is on a HEALTHCARE CARD? 
I can actually feel my anger and outrage escalate at that titbit.  So here she is, sending the kid and a million prescriptions (all at about 25-30 bucks a pop) for the Moodle to get – when she has a health care card and could get them for about 5 bucks a pop?  That level of spite is beyond my capability of understanding – and I’ve got three ex husbands!!!
I had seen it before; her giving him a prescription for an epipen to get it filled.  Unfortunately for her, I’m anaphylactic and also require an epipen and so know that if you have a permission number, the cost is $25 or so.  If not, it’s about $125 or so.  For her of course, on a healthcare card, it would have been $5 or so.   
Surely there is a God and he will throw the vitriolic bitch a whole world of something nasty.

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