Thursday, May 5, 2011

Headaches from Hell

I’ve been stuck at home in bed with a blinding damned headache so have had nothing to say even if I could have dragged my drug addled arse from bed to be bothered saying anything.

Could be stress; yet strangely not from the Squeeze; nor even the Harridan at the moment.  Work sucks – which is probably the root cause.  Upside is that I forget to stress about things here so other than my standard “get the divorce yet?” question once at the end of each day (if I remember) which I will admit, is more to annoy him than anything else, I haven’t got anything to complain about!

Headaches are so annoying.  Our new storage units turned up yesterday and I was too sick to feel any glee at being able to put stuff away!  I did start putting the alphabetised records away but realised I was better off waiting until we had sorted what goes where.  As now they are out of order – yet strangely, I felt too much like crap to move them all again!

That is when I know I’m sick…

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