Monday, April 4, 2011

And Around We Go Again

Maybe I’m unrealistic.  Unreasonable.  Irrational…  But hell, I’d like to think that I have some sort of say over decisions made by the squeeze; which I’m beginning to see I never will.
Kind of makes me wonder how a relationship can work when my point of view doesn’t count.  But whatever the Harridan says – you bet your arse it will happen.
Here we are barely keeping our heads above water moving from pay to pay and he tells me this morning that Boy 2 did a deal with the Harridan and now she has taken the large, relatively new stainless steel fridge. 
WTF?????  He is kidding, right? 
I would have imagined the discussion over the mower would have covered this off; then I followed up when I knew she was helping with the move to say “this is not a shopping trip.  What the boy doesn’t take, we can put on eBay!”
What the hell is wrong with this fool? 
Firstly, it wasn’t the boys to make a deal.  And I’m sorry; someone obviously hung a sign around my neck that said I’m retarded!  Do I really look that fricking stupid..?  The boy didn’t do a deal; the harridan asked and he gave; doing everything except lick her boots while doing so I imagine, and even then, I can’t guarantee there wasn’t any foot kissing.
If we don’t work (and that is looking like a distinct possibility given this shit) then what the hell will he use then?????  Because he sure as hell won’t be getting mine!  And that miserable bitch has bled him dry, he won’t have a cent to even move, let alone have any furniture!
And all I get in answer is that her fridge was crap, now Boy 3 wins.  So much for me saying that he would be wise to keep some stuff; in case we don't work out.
Of course the thought of her getting off her arse and buying a new one wouldn’t have occurred to him.  I mean hell, she’s got the house.  The only decent thing he got out of the relationship was the fridge – and he even gave that back; tail between his leg, pissing down his leg like a good little moodle!
And all I can think of is how pathetic he is; how unattractive that trait is, and why the fuck I’m setting myself up for this shit.
Why the hell am I doing this..?
Because I'm seriously not sure that this is the way I should go; or even want to anymore.

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