Monday, April 18, 2011

Stupid Blog!

I’ve been completely slack in the blogging arena and even though I had good reasons, such as the cleaning of all ‘clean freak hell’ artefacts entering my home; it still made me feel disloyal; slack…   Not to mention that when I am not blogging, my ability to vent is stifled!
So although I was tardy last week, I did sit and blog on Saturday and Sunday; to no avail due to the ‘technical difficulties’ Google was having in blog land.  So I had to blog and email them to myself so that I could just update it when it was working again… Which is now I guess!

This was Saturday’s Blog:  And On It Goes…
Did she have the divorce papers for him..?  Of course she didn’t have them. 
The Squeeze is obviously too damned stupid to complete the papers and file them with any form of competency.  She must do it if it is to be done correctly.  Yes folks, this is the same person than stuffs up everything she tries to organise with the kids and then send the Squeeze screaming text messages consisting of ‘you fix it!!!!’
So was I happy leaving it in her velvet wearing hands to see it done…?  No actually; I was not.
Perhaps I would reconsider that stance if I thought she was actually prepared to pay for the damned thing.  But since I haven’t seen on the news that the world has been overrun by the giant scorpions currently residing in her wallet – then that sure as hell wasn’t going to happen.  She dictates.  She rules.  She sure as hell doesn’t pay.
So I took a deep breath and attempted to calm, because this was expected.  Hell, she is a controlling bitch so he was never going to walk in the door with signed papers in hand.
She needs to hold them because this gives her some sort of perceived control, and quite possibly allows her to tell all her lesbian friends that she was the one doing the divorcing.  Weird; because I’m sure most of the sane Western World would be wondering why the divorce hadn’t been done years ago.  So as far as I can tell, there is nothing to be gained from being the one to instigate it.
And let’s not forget the “I’ll come home with a figure or a court date!” speech by the Squeeze as he pranced off to Clean Freak Hell to meet her Saturday morning.  Did we get either of those things..?  No discussion.  No figure.  He dragged his defeated little poodle curls in the front door; bow tie limp; the sparkle missing from his eyes.
No figure.  No court date. 
That totally shocked me; I mean I was sure it would be done that very day!  (Yes, hopefully you can actually see the sarcasm dripping from those words.)  Frankly, I don’t believe he will be able to do the maintenance discussion/agreement part.  He gives in too easily.  She will hold the kid to ransom until he caves.
In the end, I suspect it will need to go to a lawyer to work it out because she couldn’t care less if he can live or not.
I already suggested he get the child support agency to figure it out.  I know; I know, that is a big call.  But even run by a pack of man hating lesbians, wanting to strip you bare and hang you out to dry, you couldn’t do worse than he is now!  Combine that with the minor point that she would have to start declaring and paying tax on the income she receives as rent on the house and I see it as a win/win situation.
I did a spread sheet for him last week with costs that I knew he had been given so far for the year (and I can guarantee there are a hell of a lot that have passed me by) – he is paying over 1k per month in maintenance – for one kid.  
No wonder he is broke…  But I hold out a slither of hope.  Seeing it in black and white; organised in nice neat, little auto sum columns – I do believe put it in his face and made him actually face up to reality.  It shocked him to see that she has ridden on his inability to organise for years; and ridden it well.  Frankly, I’ve never understood such selfishness; it is short sighted because he was always going to find another life and start to see just how imbalanced the financials have been.
Or maybe she just figured she would rule forever and he would leap to attention when told. 

And hell, I’m not so sure as yet that that won’t be the case!

Then we had Sunday’s blog:     It’s Criminal
I’ve come to the conclusion that some ‘velvet wearers’ should not be able to breed.  Sorry, but if you’re too damned stupid and selfish to allow your kid to have antibiotics – if you really think you are better off watching them limp around in pain for a month…  That you do in fact, know more than a doctor – even though you’re just some hillbilly art teacher - then I think DHS should bust down your door and drag said kid off for someone else to raise.
And the Moodle?  Well he just goes along with whatever “home remedy” she’s come up with this week!   By next week she’ll be trying bat’s wing and chanting!!!!!

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