Saturday, April 2, 2011

Angry Wife. The Joy That Gives Forever…

The Squeeze doesn’t realise it yet; but this is where the joy really starts.
Marriage breaks down (years ago); but they limp along in some weird brain pattern that… what?  I don’t know.  It will get better..?  They’ll wake up tomorrow in love?  Wake up and be successful?  Who the hell knows?  It’s not a concept I’m familiar with (obviously).
But welcome to the real world.  You wake up and they are not in love.  The marriage not only doesn’t work, but creates an existence of misery for both of them.  From the outside looking in, I suspect she was more miserable than he; and for that, she has made him pay.
In reality, I suspect she is even more miserable now.  She’s an aging art teacher; a right wing, velvet wearing, non-drug taking, over opinionated middle aged woman.  Life is passing by and in case she missed the whole idea of this blog, finding a man in your 40’s is freaking hard.  I don’t even want to think about the mid 50’s.
And the Squeeze has the sheer audacity to meet and fall in love; be happy with someone else.
Even worse, we have managed to hold it together for 1.5 years.  And when I say ‘hold it together’, what I really mean is that we have managed to stay best friends, fall in love, and keep that love and even more importantly, the friendship.
And it all culminates in this moment: Moving in together.
I don’t quite understand it but believe her preference would be for him to grow old as a bitter, somewhat destitute timeworn man that she can whack with a stick whenever she wants something done.  And let’s face it; he has given a good impression of that being the future.
Last night we went to a comedy show and he mentioned that there had been no issue with her receiving the divorce papers and that they had even escalated the “maintenance” discussion.  On this however, she had finished the conversation with the word ‘back pay’.
I should mention at this point that I love the way he does that.  Mentions it in an oh, so light and breezy comment, just as we are on our way out.  When I say we have kept the friendship, you should probably know that he understand me well and is far smarter than this blog, gives him credit for.  Strategically mentioning this while walking into a comedy club stifles my ability to screech…  Clever boy.
So off to soccer he goes this morning; like a lamb to the slaughter. 
For my thought, he should have shut the thought of back pay down straight away. 
Instead, he thinks that means that she wants maintenance for this month.  Agreement and general understanding between them to this point has been that he funds adult Kid 1 and 2; and pays a fortune for Kid 3 – and everyone is happy.  Now that Kid 2 forced to fend for himself (which personally, I believe will be the making of him) then there is a sum of maintenance to begin to go to the Harridan - towards Kid 3.
For some strange reason, in her world, the paying of the school fees, the uniforms, the saxophone lessons, the instrument repairs, school camps etc – doesn’t constitute as maintenance. 
He told me that when he had tossed a monthly maintenance figure at her weeks ago, that she actually seemed quite accepting of it.  Three seconds of conversation later and realised she actually thinks that she’s going to get this – on top of all the bills he pays now.
You may ask 'how is he supposed to live?'  Well it is kind of obvious to me, that no one really gives a shit about how he lives.  And of course he is moving in with me so I suppose she thinks he’ll have more money to burn now.   (which of course, is the funniest part of all!  I was born broke and will probably die that way.  I live well and have nice things.)
So when he explains the facts, well as you can imagine, I'm sure it will be quite a show.  And if he goes that far today, I'm tipping he won't be bringing Kid 3 home for the night - her ultimate weapon.
I’m almost looking forward to hearing about the outcome.

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