Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kill Me Now…

I basically need a shoe horn to fit all this stuff into my house.

I am a very neat, ‘cull it’ kind of gal.  I can leave things along the way without stress or looking back, be it husbands, houses, clothes or junk.  There are many that just can’t do this.  The Squeeze is one of them – judging by the plastic bags full of bills that go back to 2004 that peraded into my house.

Ok.  A few years back they invented the internet.  And then, internet banking.  I can call up my bPay list and have a complete list of what bills I paid, when and how much.  So what the hell is with the grocery bags of paper..?  And 2004?

The world is not going to end if you ditch that bag of bills!  And the worst part of it is that I actually contemplated just dumping them; it’s not like he would ever need them or know about it.  Except that we are talking such a disorganised heap that there are bits of manuscripts littered in between!  And notebooks!   One I pulled out had a “harriden lecture” from the early 2000’s.  Sigh.  We get enough of those, I tossed the damned thing.

Still; now I understand why the Kid 1, 2 & 3 and messy little swines.  Mum and Dad are slothful, if not downright lazy.  You grow up in that environment and that is life as you know it.

But if you breed lazy, self centred kids, you better be ready to acknowledge the fact that you created your own problem.  Kid 2, lazy swine that is, hasn’t turned up for one moving or cleaning day.  This kid has had everything handed to him on a plate.  Holiday’s in Vietnam (and defaulting on the payment for that bribe); to having most of the Squeeze’s furniture to move into his own place with.  But help out..?  Not likely.

Upside is that I think the Squeeze may have actually seen this; sucked it up and acknowledged that maybe he hasn’t done the kid, or himself any favours and I think he will toughen up on him now.  That of course, won’t stop the Harridan and her ‘helicopter’ style of do everything you can for them, but it may help the kid see that respect is given when it is received.
Hell, one fairy story and kid 3 was making is bed each day – granted, not like I make it, you couldn’t bounce a coin on it lol; it didn’t even have have sheets with hospital corners.  But I don’t require perfection when he is here.  It is supposed to be lived in, have personality.  I just want an attempt at neatness!

We definitely need a bigger house; but we are both too exhausted to move.  This may work in my favour…  I will threaten.  Cull or we have to move.  That should get action.

Aside from crap everywhere; things are good.  ‘We’; as a couple, have always been kind of insular.  And at dinner the other night my best friend pointed out that this is a good thing.  I need some controversy in my life and if you must have conflict, far better that it sit outside of “us” and firmly with the Harridan.  If perfect, I get bored and walk away.  She was as dead right as only best friends can be.

I’m not expecting perfect any time soon.  The Harridan has had the divorce papers for over a month now.  Obviously struggles to sign her damned name.

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