Wednesday, April 20, 2011

School Holidays… Yay

Yes.  That was sarcasm.  I never quite understood why they had to have so many damned school holidays!  And they are never ending.  Sheesh, kid 3 had been at school for about 2.3 seconds when the Squeeze had him for the first curriculum day.  Another few weeks and there was another!  WTF?  Keep them in school already!  Boarding school even better!
Still, we have been managing to struggle our way through kid 3 stepping into the clean zone as part of our new ‘living together’ arrangement.  Would have preferred it not be in our first week since we’ve had zip time together, but that is how the cards fell.
It hasn’t been all plain sailing. 
Firstly, I am somewhat opinionated.  Shocked you; I know…  And its hard work attempting to keep my mouth shut sometimes.  And yes, it is attempting – it’s a real trial!
I mean this kid has been seriously brain washed over the years; the Squeeze also to some extent.  For example, in some weirdo attempt at left wing, velvet wearing conservation (and obscenely horrific to me) it would appear that you can’t press the toilet button… Yuk!  But wait; it seems you can leave 15 lights on throughout the house!  I can tell you, I’m not much of a greenie and the loo get’s flushed or you die!
Then we have the foot saga that continues.  It’s actually not infected; according to the Squeeze who got it from the Harridan.   Umm yeah – I guess that red, puffy bit to the side of the toe just doesn’t exist.  Never mind, I’m sure next week’s ‘eye of newt’ will fix that right up – and when all is said and done, if the kid loses a foot – what the hell do I care?  Ain’t my kid.
Then we had those traits one picks up when being dragged up through a hovel.  The first day of his stay I get home from work to find clothes tossed over the floor and the bed left in a rumpled mess.  Well hell, you may not have to clean up after yourself over with mummy, but over in the land of clean, we actually tidy up after ourselves…
I wasn’t quite sure how to approach the subject.  I mean I didn’t want to terrorise the kid during his first run over at ‘our’ place, but I wanted to begin as I mean to go on.
So I kicked the clothes to the corner of the room and sat down to write him a fairy story that I then proceeded to print out and leave on the neatly made bed. 
Somewhat strangely, when I walked passed this morning on my way to work, I noticed that he had made the bed…  And he did take it good humouredly.
Not sure if it is possible to upload it, but I will attempt to get it up here, because I’m telling you; if you have a messy kid, you could use it as a template.  In fact I am planning on writing a whole collection of them!

Hope you enjoy:  The Bed Fairy

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