Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sundays of Old

Today, aside from waking up with a killer headache; it reminded me of Sunday’s of old.  Pre-Squeeze.  Although I awoke in ‘clean freak hell’, which I should point out looks even worse than usual, if that is even possible; by 9am I was tucked up at home; washing on, bed changed and totally immersed in the ‘clean’.
I had a sudden flash of The Castle… The serenity!  And you have no idea just how fantastic that serenity is.  Hell, if I play my cards right, I may never have to cross the threshold of ‘clean freak hell’ again… sigh… the bliss.
Only dampener on the day that I can see is that awoke with a killer headache; and if you think about it, maybe that isn’t so bad either – because I intend to drug and going back to bed where upon I will read about 2.6 pages of my book before my eyes wilt for the final time.
And as I sigh with utter contentment in my newly changed, neatly pressed bed, I can go to sleep with the tiny seed of humour that is the Squeeze in clean freak hell, with Boy 2 and 3 (wanting to do as little as possible) – and the Harridan (cracking the whip and shouting orders like the Gestapo.)  Not to mention the dotted coversation of Kid 3 needs school shoes; Kid 3 needs new soccer boots; Kid 1 needs health insurance; Kid 2 needs... blah blah blah.  Obvioulsy what the Squeeze needs - like to 'eat'; doesn't count.
Even more amusing; I mentioned that while packing, he should raise the maintenance/back-pay conversation.  I knew when Boy 3 arrived yesterday that it hadn’t been raised at the soccer.  He thought I was being fanciful when I said “I assumed you hadn’t discussed it or I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have had the kid.”  Strangely, he turned to me and said “she wouldn’t do that…”
What about our holidays?  When it was slink down the highway with the “first aid” bag (including vicks vapour rub – in case he gets a cold in that 35 degree heat!!!) held in your hands like Oliver asking for more…?   Or don’t have the kid?  In fact, he didn’t come for the first two days, until the moodle bow-tied up and took the bag!
How nice to be able to rewrite history and reality in your head!

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