Saturday, April 16, 2011

Take That…

I like to think I’m a relatively good mother.  I know my kids would think that I am; not that they wouldn’t say that I can be hard – they would; the beauty of it is that they have known when I had to be hard – it was for a good reason.
I have never used them as a weapon.  I protected them as much as I could without letting them build a fairy tale in their head.
So it irks me beyond believe that the Harridan will yank kid 3 as soon as she doesn’t get her way.  I’m not saying that is the case… yet.  But it is getting damned suspicious that the first 3 times he was to say here with us, suddenly – at the last minute – not coming…
Hmmm that is messing with my organisational skills too because I slaved to finish the spare room, cooked roast lamb and a home-made jam tart… Went and bought him his own little overnight bag of toothpaste and brush and floss etc.  Then at the last minute; nothing.
I suspect this is in regards to the divorce papers that he asked her to bring that we all know she won’t have.  I find her ability with the English language suspect at the best of times (wot u do – ugg) but I figure even she can fill out the small section left to her – and sign it.  If not that, then it is the maintenance discussion – which was always going to get him hung, drawn and quartered.
Oh well.

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