Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life - Too Busy!

What a drama.  Daughter moving and packing; the Squeeze’s Boy 2 – packing and moving out; the Squeeze filtering through rooms of stuff trying to sort out what he is bringing, what he is dolling out to whomever (hopefully not the harridan or that will have its own drama). 
Sunday, the Squeeze and the Harridan are moving Boy 2 into his apartment.  Glad I am not going to be there, because I don’t think I could stand listening to the orders.  And when they have moved him, I suggested he hire in a professional rental cleaning company – because come hell or high water, I am not cleaning it!
What will I be doing?  I’ll be cleaning.  I haven’t been here for a full weekend since I don’t know when.  And hell, my place has missed that whole Saturday morning cleaning thing.  And it shows.  And even though I can see it, there is still a whole world of work less to do here than in clean freak hell!
God knows where we are going to put everything because for the life of me, I can barely move in here now.  What ever happened to the days where I had space?
I can see we will be moving.  Soon.

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