Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sisters Night

Yesterday I went off to Daylesford with my two sisters for the night.  My younger sister lives in the UK so we try to make sure we do the family thing; and often.
Yesterday, this consisted of an afternoon of tarot card readings, lunch, then champagne, hot stone massages, more champagne, dinner, more champagne and then some red wine. 
To start off the proceedings my sister called me when I was about .5 hour out of Daylesford.  I was on day two of a migraine and had consumed enough codeine to kill a small farm animal.  This actually makes you pretty dim witted but leaves the headache thumping along; point being you’re too dim witted to care that your head is thumping.  She noted the time and told me that my tarot appointment was fast approaching and I’d better ‘push it’.  I did.  Right up until the tyre blew out. 
Upside was that this happened just outside of town so I got to limp into the main street, the rubber basically on fire and billowing smoke.  Then I got to do the ‘helpless’ act.  Stand by the car; spare tyre on show for ten minutes until two gentlemen pulled over and offered to change my tyre.  Of course I was missing something, so off they went and came back with all the tools you could possibly need including a hydraulic jack. 
I stood by the car with my umbrella while they changed it, threw the pieces of the dead one in the boot and took off.
Then it was off for lunch, massage, champagne, more champagne and then out to dinner.
The rest of the family knows when a good night is in progress as weirdo text messages fly around (never sent from the owner of the phone of course).  Now, with progress and technology, this is even worse.  iPhone access meant my Facebook status said “I am a hermaphrodite”.   Proof of how expected this is within my family was my niece leaving a comment of: ‘left your phone unattended huh?’
The champagne and all meals were fantastic.  The place we stayed in was gorgeous with only the minor hiccup of the ipod docking station not working so the movies didn’t happen and we wasted about 2 hours with plugging and unplugging before finally giving up.
The tarot reading was interesting.  I think the velvet wearing psychic’s generally use a combination of intuition, the law of averages and pointed questions.  Palm reading meant touching rings which noted relationship state.  The month you were born gives an insight into star sign and therefore some personality traits of that sign.  Still, even with all that (he did guess wrong a few times), I still found it kind of interesting!  I’ve had it done quite a few times and never, not even once did one ever turn to me and say “your life is crap!”
So you cross their palm with silver, or in modern day terms, a visa card – and you get to feel good about the fantastic changes that are coming to your life!  Sounds worth it to me!
Although this morning we were lacking the verve of yesterday, we went out for breakfast so it couldn’t have been too bad. 
As for the squeeze; the tarot guy had that right I suspect.  ‘You have a strong, very good relationship that is here to stay.  You are the same.”
Great.  I’m a moodle…

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