Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One More Page…

Where is the divorce at?  I hear you ask.  Funny; I asked the same thing via text on Monday night.  That went unanswered.  Tuesday while at work, I added to the bottom of an email – ‘and where is the divorce at?”  I got the reply of ‘all done bar one page.’
Just one more page…
Hmm.  My immediate thought was ‘yeah and how damned long will that one page take to get done?’  And we all know that just filling out the paper work is the easy part!  Then you have to give it to the harridan and hope she signs and passes back; because if she has to take it home and read the whole eight pages, well suffice to say that we would then be rolling into next year before that paperwork is coming back.
Then when it actually comes back signed, you have the whole drama of sending it off with the money and getting a time for it to be heard.  After that, there is scheduling going to the hearing…  And the list goes on really.
And after all that, he will have only completed one item on the list of things that he said he would have completed by February.  I mean it is obviously just so damned hard to organise to rollover all your super policies into one and have the wife removed as the beneficiary.
Organise a will and a medical proxy to ensure everything is as you would want it…
And for the life of me; when all is said and done, given the whole “I’m happy that you are happy”  - which actually translates into “why aren’t you dead you mo fo” – you would imagine he would be keen as mustard to get her off the policies and divorce her so that she doesn’t have the legal right to instruct all and sundry that it was his one wish… Told to her many, many times – that there was to be a ‘non-resuscitation’ rule!
If the never ending “delay” is just a tactic to wear me down; cease my asking for what is rightfully mine – what I in fact, give to him; then I have to say it’s working.  Because I’m fast approaching ‘over it’!  Line in the sand!  He gets me: unencumbered.
I don’t intend to be a Moodle Master forever…

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