Saturday, March 26, 2011

Only One ‘t’

I write.  I write a lot.  I used to write rather lengthy and somewhat protracted emails and send them to the Squeeze documenting the things that normal humans, the ones with souls - already know.  We are talking deep; emotional pouring’s from the heart.  For example, trying to explain why I may be a tad upset to sit at home while he squeaks off on a happy fricking family holiday over Christmas.
Sometimes I would sit for hours.  Occasionally, I would cry while I wrote.   It was gut wrenching and even I have to admit it, sometimes pathetic.
Mostly, he would not reply.  I would have no idea if he had actually read them and he certainly didn’t address any of the issues I had spoken of as they just seemed to keep repeating themselves.
Still, every so often I would open the laptop and start the email program and then be shocked to the core to see an email from him.  If it started with [for example] “RE: You are a moronic moodle!”  I would open the reply to my 3000 word email, my hand shaking; expecting some sort of explanation; some insight into who he really was, on the inside.
And I would read “detached only has one t”.  That’s it.  He had perused my tale of woe and sorrow and that is all he could come up with.  Only one ‘t’.
In fact, that was the reason that I began this blog.  This way I got to speak my mind; remind him he is a moodle and off times, a fool.  I get to write and in the documenting of my feelings, it becomes something else – something for me; cathartic.  Hell; it was that or stab him.
Given his propensity to pour through three thousand words long enough to actually spell check would be an indication that he shares my love of the written word – which I know is the case.  So even though he teases me on the odd bit of diction, (when some weird sort of cockney accent jumps out of my face), or chooses to answer my sometimes lengthy emails that I know he has read, if for no other reason than the desperation to find fault in the spelling - I know and love that we share this love of words.
Still, it does irk me on the odd occasion when I see a text or email from the Harridan; who both texts and writes in a weird combination of phonetic slash prehistoric.
Ie:  Wot u do car.
All it is missing is the ‘ugg!’ at the end.

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