Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bikie Tough - Grrrrr

Weird.  I’m totally hooked into the Sons of Anarchy at the moment. 
We are talking total macho crap with tattoo’s and Harleys.  Laws broken, wheeling and dealing, the odd murder.  The works.  The first few episodes I wasn’t quite sure, but by episode five, I was addicted to the point where I’m sitting there watching as I’m downloading more.  I was seriously considering watching another episode after I got up at 3am to check where I was at in download land. 

For those that may be shaking their head – I am watching the whole three seasons on eBay – so I’m not killing anyone.   It's about waiting, which in case you missed it - I'm not that good at.
Anyway, a hard man is good to find.  Give me one with a sense of humour, a code to follow and the strength to follow it through and I’m there.  Hell, throw in a nice bike and that is even better! (husband number one has about eight bikes – including four Harley’s).
So; sitting there watching it with my little Moodle last night – I wondered where it all went wrong…

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