Monday, March 7, 2011

Falling wheels…

Ok; I figured I’d point out from the outset that the Squeeze is still a moodle.  Hell, he is ‘moodle personified’ in all things, with all that it entails – including the circus music.  However, every so often he does seem to surprise me and make an off the cuff comment that goes totally outside the realms of ‘squeeze reality’.
I was being generous there.  It happens so rarely that I’m not actually giving it its due.  Instead of feeling my heart miss a beat and then quicken…  Instead of swooning and giving him a hug; I’m sitting there thinking ‘who the hell are you..?  And where have you stashed the moodle?’
There was nothing special going on this weekend.  We spent Friday night over my side of town which is always enjoyable (and clean).  Saturday night we were going to a party over his side of town so were to spend the night in ‘clean freak hell’.  This alone is enough to make me drag my feet so I suggested he pick me up which in fact gave the whole thing a kind of “date” night feel.
Benefit of this is when we got home to his house; the place wasn’t as clean-freakish as normal.  While I had spent the afternoon on my side of town, in bikie mode watching Sons of Anarchy; he had been cleaning; and it showed.
We had a good night out and got home in time to pj up and watch a show on television and then slink off to bed.  I awoke quite late and he was nowhere to be found.  That the car was in the drive and a wallet/phone on the table meant I could safely assume he had gone off to swim laps; either that or had been kidnapped (and they’d bring him back soon enough, so I wasn’t overly concerned.)
When he returned, he said, quite casually: “as I was walking back from the pool, I thought how lucky I am.” 
I was quite taken aback.  In fact, had to clarify that he meant he was lucky because he had me; was happy and things were going well!
On our way back to my side of town, he accused me of being a ‘time thief’; because it felt as though we had only just had breakfast.
I began to wonder if the wheels were falling off his ‘moodleness’.  Maybe he was going to actually turn out to be ok in the art of romance.  Perhaps he wasn’t as shallow as I figured.
Hmmm.  No.  I’m positive he will revert to form soon enough.

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