Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rivalry – Friendly or Otherwise

The yanks did it.  They were desperate to get into space prior to the Russians – to no avail.  Next, it was a yearning to walk on the moon, be first because surely the moon walk outweighed the space thing.  They wanted it so badly that many people still believe that the ‘one small step for man’ – (which is one of my earliest childhood school memories I might add) was faked and filmed in some remote warehouse – hell, probably Rosewell, New Mexico. 
Google it – you’d be surprised how many fruitcakes rant and rave with all the evidence they can think of.  But if you think about it, it’s like Nostradamus – you can make anything fit if you look hard enough.
I was very young when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.  In fact I only have a very hazy memory; it was 1969 which meant I was about 7 years old.  They got the whole school together to watch it and I remember teachers with big hair and eye liner, wiping tears from their eyes.  As kids, I think we drank in the atmosphere of ‘awe’ rather than have any real understanding of what it meant.
My blog of course is not about the moon walk.
It’s not even about faking it – but I’m sure I could think of a damned funny blog regarding that notion. 
Instead, it is about two people – the squeeze and I.  We both write.
I think I wrote a while back about brushing a tear from my eye when he accepted an award for a short story; and I have no doubt that he would feel the same if it was I up on stage… (Except he would definitely be without the tear; because if anyone has been reading this at all, they all know what a non-romantic, somewhat shallow, emotional husk he is.)
However, I am going off on a tangent…  If one of us got a manuscript accepted; the holy grail of a writer… What then?  Would I stand back and silently scream at him “what about me…???!!!”  Would he?
I somehow doubt it.  But frankly, I think it is good we do not dabble in the same genre.

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