Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Dogs Bark…

…But the caravan moves on.
This proverb seems to summarize my life perfectly at the moment.   Of course the regrettable part is that I am the ‘dogs’; not the caravan.
I am the insignificant; the unimportant and I can talk, argue, and bang my head against a wall, but it has absolutely no effect on what happens.
And the worst part is that I am my own worst enemy.
Still, enemy I may be; stupid I am not – I don’t go out of my way to look for the ‘romantically inept’ boyfriend; or the ‘choke on your spleen’ work place. 
I don’t have a checklist stating that I’m only interested in men who have a harpy of a wife clinging to their back like a hump - who constantly contacts to berate/demand.  I’m not putting on my CV a desire to work for someone whose own inadequacy means they need to micro manage everyone.
They just seem to find me. 
This makes me wonder how?  How the hell they find me? 
Just once I’d like to be the bloody caravan!

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