Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's a Nice Kid Like You...

I’ve never done a blog before.  It’s taken me all morning just to work out what goes where and how it should look.  But I like the idea of a blog; of speaking my mind and not actually having to send a manuscript of thoughts to someone.
My boyfriend has one; has encouraged me to write one – even though he knows without doubt, he will need to cringe his way through every word of it.  This is one of the reasons he is my boyfriend.  Or as we choose to term it, ‘squeeze’ – after all, he is 55.
My squeeze and I have known one another for about 15 years.  In all that time, never was there anything between us.  No innuendo, zip sexual tension, nada in the smouldering looks department.  He was married, as was I.  We sipped red wine and discussed our marriage breakdowns, our weird dates, accidental sex with co workers, our kids, our jobs, our dreams – and nowhere in those discussions, was there even a hint that we would someday be a “we”.
There wasn’t even an evolution to discovery that there could be a “we”.  Just a very nice, lingering kiss one night after we had talked so much outside the Classic, that we missed our movie. 
It was like waking up one morning and your cat talks to you.   

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