Monday, November 15, 2010

Planning and Piñatas

Having a birthday breakfast for Kid 1 the other week; the Squeeze’s sister commented on what she believed would come to pass as “death planning”. Ok; that isn’t exactly birthday breakfast speak, but it’s where we ended up.
I have to admit, in between attempting to swallow down mud cake - the idea certainly grabbed me.  Maybe because I’m a project manager, but on a whole other level I have to say the idea of dying doesn’t exactly faze me.  In fact, I have often said it was my retirement plan.
I have never understood those that have not planned their ‘after death’ to the ninth degree.  I mean what the hell?  No one knows you as well as you know yourself.  Who else would know I want to wear my red shawl???  And I’ve heard a million stories; a million dramas where there are lasting effects from the fights that ensued over money.
Frankly, I love my kids and my family too much to put that stress on them.  So I planned.  Hell, I have almost written a script; I’ve done everything except the “death party” invites with a blank date – and I’m thinking of designing those…
My executors are my younger brother and sister.  July, my sister, is also my medical proxy.  My older sister once asked me why I had chosen July; truth was, she was the only one I knew who loved me enough, but was strong enough to adhere to my wishes.
I love my older sister like crazy; but she’s a marshmallow and would have me lingering for an eternity – only to freeze me in the hope that I would be reanimated at some stage down the track (quite possibly without a soul and attempt to kill off half of the world)
So I contacted a lawyer and I had my will done.  I documented every single thing that meant something to me and where it was to go (completed with evaluations).  Then I continued on and planned my funeral – or “death party” as I prefer to call it.
I chose the music and zipped it all into a folder and sent it to my brother and sister.  I waited and finally emailed to ask what she thought.  Music is such a personal thing, so I knew she wouldn’t comment on my choices there – she did however, make comment on my choice of a paper mache coffin.  I figured it was low cost; environmentally friendly – and I’m planning on cremation anyhow!
As for the comment, in between laughter all I got was:
“I can’t wait for this funeral.  And after, we can use you as a Piñata!”

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