Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vinyl, Commonalities and What Works

I’ve always figured that for a relationship to work; you have to have a hell of a lot of common ground.  The big things in life, the things that matter – you have to be able to share.  If not, when that first glow of lurve/lust diminishes, you don’t have anything left to sustain the relationship.

On this basis, the squeeze and I should be a match made in heaven.  We have friendship to fill in the holes, but it is more than that.  We both write.  We both read.  We both have a love of music.

I should probably clarify at this point that we don’t have to be twins.  Let’s go a little higher level than that.  There has to be an element of diversity in the mix; we should both read, write and listen – but we don’t want to be mirror images.

Music is a big part of my world; and his.  It always has been.  We cross many paths in this arena.  He loves Bob Dylan.  I called my son Dylan after man himself (let’s face it; no amount of admiration is going to convince me to call my kid Bob…)  

For diversity, he has a love of jazz (called his kid Jaaz [note the velvet wearing spelling]).   I would rather be stripped naked, covered in honey and staked to ants nest than sit and listen Miles Davis.  On the other hand, I have a proclivity towards 80’s dance music – which makes his skin crawl.  Hell, he once dumped me because I put Lady Gaga on his iPod.

For the birthday breakfast this morning, we went to a little place in Northcote called The Aquarium which has no fish, yet a fantastic selection of vinyl.   This morning’s blog is written to the sounds of Dusty in Memphis and Beth Orton, Trailer Park – on vinyl.

I can’t imagine being able to share that with anyone else.

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