Thursday, November 25, 2010

How Does That Make You Feel..?

Well.  Today was the first “couples” visit to the nut doctor.   I guess I’m still digesting it and attempting not to do my usual thing of Rubik’s Cubing it to death.  1 + 1 and I come out with e=mc2 rather than just the answer of 2.
Hours later, I asked the squeeze how he thought it went.  In typical  “I’m an utter moron in the ‘feelings’ department” he said: “I think it went good!”  I guess he didn’t get the whole “you’re wasting your time girl” vibe that I was getting from the psychologist.
I don’t doubt that she thought exactly that mid-way through the session.  She turned and asked him: “what do you see as your future…?”  And all she got was a rather pathetic impersonation of a fish – mouth open; closed; mouth open; closed.
The mice started running around in my head so fast that I could almost hear the wheel squeaking as the silence ticked on.  I shifted in my chair and started thinking “should I just get up and leave..?”  A million doubts circled in my head because I couldn’t understand why he didn’t rattle off “oh well, we are planning on moving in together… having a future… Making it work…”  I mean, we have talked about it.
I looked up at some ugly box of wires on the wall; just to disengage.  I tried not to say anything about his inability to articulate a plan for life; because hell, I’m sure they just sit there and wait for an outburst, something to whittle down.
So instead I waited to see what else would evolve and she danced around a little but came back to it, this time asking him outright if we planned to move in together – and he didn’t hesitate to say yes.  This mollified me.
I’m starting to learn.  As per yesterday’s posting – it isn’t that he doesn’t feel.  He is just an idiot, voicing the wrong thing; or not voicing the right thing.  So she moved on and said that people evolve at their own pace – to which I agreed, although could have perhaps argued that there actually needs to be freaking evolution!  Before I die would be good!
Yet at the end of the session she was pretty loud and clear - getting a divorce would draw a line in the sand for the wife and is a commitment to our relationship.  Without it, as we age, non-commitment would be construed as a waste of time.  Without it, people move on and look for someone that is prepared to commit.
Actually, she said as I acquire more wrinkles each year… which was pretty insulting, but not nearly as bad as saying to him “and your pot will get bigger”.
Now that was freaking funny.

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