Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ummmm hello? Sweety....

The guy of the moment is coming for dinner tonight; although last November I'd have said I was a great cook, tonight, well, I seem to have forgotten how.  I'm okay once I get there but thinking of the thing to cook is mind boggling.  I've got hundreds of cookbooks here but I haven't opened any; too scared I'll get lost.

We are in sea saw phase.  It is always the same for me.  One step forward, ten back.  I like them; I think I'm better off waiting for my Prince.  Then whammy; out of left field I'm in love.

Thats probably why I wanted the Moodle back.  Although I was in hospital and brain frazzled, I sensed I would be safe with him and a little matter of the heart, being in love, didn't matter that much.  Not to mention I hadn't been out with anyone else; saving myself I guess.

Well the Moodle didn't want me; to the point of silence.  I wonder what I do to people that causes them to shut to door, lock it and throw away the key.

Oh well.  Life wasn't meant to be easy and in truth, it would never been easy with him.  I think he loved me as best he could but it wasn't enough.  Maybe now it would be...  Who knows and I guess I'll never find out.

So the Yank.  He is the next one; he has been here for over 30 years lol, yet still maintains the accent. He is sweet.  I think I'm due for sweet....

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