Monday, March 16, 2015

Thunderbirds are Go

Well I'm sure the heading meant something...  It just doesn't have anything of relevance at the moment lol

This weekend I drove to Torquay.  Not far, if you shut one eye and squint with the other.  But far enough.  Made worse because I remembered that Queens Road would be closed... Or bedlam, so I had to cut back.  This meant that I drove about an hour, without actually making headway because I couldn't remember the way (not sure if that is before or after brain surgery!)

So I made it down to Torquay about two hours in, which isn't too bad considering that its the other side of Geelong on the coast.  My sister, who I haven't seen for a month, was pleasantly surprised when I kept up with conversation and cracked the odd joke.  She said that I was more like me; even though she had cried over some of who I was earlier in the piece.

My inability to be a human (I still think it, though it is getting better) was the major factor that she saw.

I am a human.  I am alive.  That's all I've got/

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